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Codecanyon Team Booking - WordPress booking system free download

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Team Booking – the innovative WordPress booking pluginteam booking wordpress plugin newsteam booking wordpress plugin descriptionteam booking wordpress plugin video tutorialsA deep Google Calendar integrationTeam Booking is a WordPress booking and reservation plugin for appointments and services with a very distinctive feature: all the availability plans are made via Google Calendar!
  • Make availability plans through Google Calendar…
  • Calendar events become free slots, ready to be booked…
  • Once booked, the relative Google Calendar event will be updated!
  • Why “team”? Because availability plans can be made by multiple “coworkers”!Just some plugin’s features
    • A complete booking solution – services, events, appointments, rooms and so on…
    • Planning via Google Calendar – use your Google Calendar to plan availability and manage reservations
    • Collaborative – specify WP roles allowed to be coworkers. They can work together for the same service, but keep their own Google Calendars for planning!
    • Customizable – tweak general and personal reservation behaviour, frontend calendar style, maps, confirmation email and more.
    • Hassle-free – the frontend booking calendar works out of the box with shortcodes!
    • Reservation form builder – create your perfect reservation forms!
    • Payments – with PayPal!
    • Confirmation and notification email system – build custom email content with dynamic user data
    • Logs and stats – a full reservations database, downloadable as *.CSV and *.XLSX files
    • Language support – via .po and .mo files
    ...and more to come!F.A.Q.Can I place repeating or full-day slots?
    Yes. All these Google Calendar possibilities are perfectly matched by Team Booking!
    Can I place a slot without an ending time, i.e. appointments with unknown duration?
    Can I place different frontend calendars by coworker or service?
    Yes. Not only, you can also mix them up as you prefer, via shortcodes.
    Can I choose not to show the calendar to unregistered users?
    Yes. You can either choose to show the calendar in read-only mode for unlogged users.
    Will the unregistered users be invited to register?
    Yes. The registration landing page is the WP default one, or you can choose any link to a custom registration page.
    Is Team Booking responsive?
    Yes, and gracefully ;)
    Need customers a Google account?
    No, they don’t.
    To set availability, there is no other way than using Google Calendar(s)?
    No, this plugin is made for that.
    RequirementsTeam booking is developed and tested with WordPress 3.8+ and strictly requires PHP 5.3.3+.AN IMPORTANT NOTE

    Please consider that the above requirements are not there as a joke, in order not to end up like this:

    PHP 5.2’s end of life date was back on 2011. Using old versions may expose you or your clients to security vulnerabilities and bugs that have been fixed in more recent versions of PHP.



    - Fixed an important speed issue- Fixed ICS issues- Fixed frontend form glitches- Enforced Google Event's privacy


    - Feature: new and more reliable auto update notification system- Feature: frontend reservation list via shortcode- Feature: cancellation by customer- Feature: custom redirect for each service- Improvement: more refined backend overview tab- Improvement: new status management (todo/done) for unschedued services- Improvement: more patterns and borders in the style panel- Improvement: CSS fix for small fonts (themes using 62.5% font-size method)- Bugfixes


    - Improvement: selective resource loading- Fix: issues with cloned services- Fix: PayPal IPN don't fail anymore if taxes are added- Fix: a little issue with accented letters in Google Calendar event's description


    - Improvement: notification emails to admin/coworker when approval is required- Improvement: pending payment reservations can now be confirmed by admins- Improvement: admins now bypass the payment system in the frontend calendar- Optimization: more efficient external resource loading- Fix: PayPal IPN issue when price is set > 999- Fix: ICAL file can't be downloaded by non-logged users- Fix: wrong time shown in admin area / emails when PHP default timezone is not UTC- Fix: exception thrown for logged-users-only reservation's modal- Minor bugfixes


    - Improvement: notification bubbles for new reservations added in the admin dashboard- Improvement: faster animation types- Bugfixes for coworker approvals- Bugfixes for tickets left counting logic


    - Improvement: added 2 new email hooks (coworker_name, service_location)- Bugfixes


    - Fix: "Error calling patch"


    - Feature: approval system (no approval, Admin approval, Coworker approval)- Feature: Google Map style customization- Improvement: added a TinyMCE button for shortcodes!- Improvement: the slot's list is now a modal- Improvement: added filtering functions in the slot list- Improvement: general cosmetic refinements both frontend/backend- Fix: fixed "Please reload the page" error in some server's caching circumstances- Fix: a bunch of minor bugfixes


    - Fix: cloning bug- Fix: "error calling GET: not found"


    - Fix: activation bug- Fix: stucked loading wheel


    - Fix: conflict with transit.js- Fix: PayPal listener- Fix: Stripe gateway- Fix: issue with booked slots not correctly excluded


    - Bugfix


    - Improvement: added a search field in the Overview tab- Fix: coworkers without admin privileges can't save their settings


    - Fix: reservations won't be confirmed when paying with Stripe


    - Fix: payment gateways were not included correctly


    - Fix: first activation error


    - Feature: Stripe gateway!- Feature: multiple services container mode!- Feature: custom validation rules for reservation form text fields!- Improvement: auto updater (a valid Envato purchase code is required)- Improvement: way faster frontend calendar when navigating through days.- Improvement: frontend calendar fast month/year selector- Improvement: now also the "Event" class service reservations can be cancelled (revoked)!- Improvement: the core configuration is now very simple thanks to JSON file importer- Improvement: the coworker's auth process and the Google Calendars selection was simplified a lot, less room for user errors!- Improvement: backend overview tab, now multiple reservations records can be selected- Improvement: backend overview tab, reservations can be sorted by "Date of reservation" or by "when" value.- Improvement: better currency management- Improvement: frontend slots list, less space wasted, get rid of "Book now" button- Improvement: the service/event address, when present, is shown in the slots list too- Improvement: reservation modal is more refined and good-looking- Fixes: a lot of bug fixes.


    - Fixed a lot of issues when using Container Mode + Event classes- Code refactoring and commenting


    - Added option to skip Google Maps library loading if the theme is already loading it- Fix: the thankyou message after the reservation now loads correctly- Fix: cancellation now works well for container slots- Fix: cancellation now correctly resets the event color!- Code cleanup


    - Improvement: a complete admin restyle!- Improvement: CSS classes namespaced (to avoid some themes conflicts)- Fix: annoying bug, date_time hooks not converted in email content- Improvement: added HTML editor to service description textarea- Improvement: added an "update built-in field translation" button- Minor bugfixes


    - Translations: added initial Spanish (thanks to Solange Peschel) and German (thanks to Stefan Wimmer, translations- Fix: the buffer duration now can be correctly set to 0- Fix: email not sent if php < 5.4 (it causes some hangs during reservations, with buttons that keeps loading)- Fix: avoid uncaught exception on overview tab when a service was previously deleted- Other minor issues fixed


    - Feature: multiple Google Calendars per Coworker!- Improvement: more values added to "when reservations should close"- Improvement: added option to hide/show the "Save on my calendar" button- Improvement: minimum time for "when reservation should close" can be now relative to the slot's end time too.- Improvement: a more correct way to set the From header to comply with security domain policies- Fix: PayPal IPN certificate updated (should fix some IPN issues)- Fix: Google Fonts now load over https too- Fix: fixed dropdown conflict with Bootstrap- Fix: fixed date/time translations issue- Other bugfixes


    - fixed a typo


    - Feature: location and maps!- Optimization: frontend ticket selection doesn't rely anymore on ajax calls- Cosmetic tweak: frontend ticket selection now is made with a less fancy select.- Documentation update- Bugfixes


    - Documentation updated- Bugfix


    - Bugfix


    - Feature: added a new "container mode" for placing availability.- Feature: reservations can now be cancelled (revoked) by admins (Appointments only).- Improvement: it's possible now to manually book/un-book a slot on Google Calendar by changing the title (Appointments only).- Documentation lifting- Major changes in Timezone handlings.- Minor styling changes- Better, clearer and polished settings grouping in back-end- Bugfix


    - Improvement: added TinyMCE editors to email bodies- Improvement: added service color setting- Improvement: added color setting for price tags- Important bugfix: service cloning now does't mess up with custom fields anymore- Bugfixes


    - Improvement: added [post_id] and [post_title] hooks- Improvement: fixed some CSS conflicts with Foundation framework and Enfold theme- Improvement: added option to open the calendar at the nearest month with free slots by default- Bugfix


    - Improvement: a custom profile page can be linked to Coworker's name, if shown- Improvement: services can now be cloned- Improvement: ability to import/export settings- Improvement: custom selects can now be "required"- Improvement: extensions whitelist for file fields- Improvement: frontend calendar cosmetic tweaks (the little numbers inside the gray pointing label now represent how many slots there are, instead of how many total 'tickets')- Improvement: on frontend calendars, the week starts accordingly to WordPress site settings- Improvement: prefilled form fields for logged users can now be hidden- Improvement: small admin backend refactoring- DST Bugfix on notification email


    - Improvement: option to include uploaded files in notification email- Bugfix (reservations went wrong in some scenarios)- Minor bugfix in file upload


    - Minor bugfix for file fields


    - Feature: payments with PayPal!- Feature: file custom fields- Improvement: permanent database for reservations- Improvement: filtering button can now be removed- Improvement: more buffer values for "when reservations should close"- Improvement: SemanticUI assets upgrade- Improvement: Switch from morris.js to charts.js- Bugfixes


    - Feature: frontend service filtering ability!- Feature: ability to show/hide sold-out slots on service basis- Feature: new service class (unscheduled service)- Improvement: services can now be deactivated- Improvement: Coworkers can now choose to participate/unparticipate to each service- Improvement: more buffer values for "when reservations should close"- Improvement: SemanticUI assets upgrade- Improvement: Service prices (preparing to PayPal payments)- Updated documentation- Bugfix


    - Bugfix


    - Bugfix


    - Added: reservation form builder with custom fields (text, textarea, checkbox, radio, select)!- Added: new specific coworker's shortcodes!- Improved: dramatic speed increase (80% faster) on reservations (API optimization)- Improved: advanced error message front-end display- Improved: advanced error message back-end logging system- Improved: list of currently authorized Coworkers in Administrator panel- Improved: way better ticket management for 'Event' services!- Improved: improved calendar graphic customization in Administrator panel, with preview!- Improved: graphical improvements, a more elegant feel- Optimized: got rid of external icons, now using the WordPress built-in ones (dashicons)- Documentation updated


    - Bugfix


    - Added: download reservations logs and data in *.CSV and *.XLSX- Added: more values and better logic for "when reservations should close"- Added: French language - thanks to Guillaume Orsal ( Resolved a conflict with jQuery Transit library when present- Resolved a conflict with FontAwesome css when present- Minor bugs fixed- Code refactoring


    - Added: service custom description- Added: frontend schedule list grouping options- Added: choosable max number of log entries per page to show on Overview Tab- Updated documentation- Better user-error handling- Minor code refactoring- Minor bugfix


    - Initial release- Languages: English, Italian

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